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Press release: Sweden’s best work place

Great Place to Work - Optidev

Great Place to Work™ is taking Optidev to the next level of success by focusing on the company culture. Thriving employees are more likely to do a better job, making the company more successful.

David Landerborn, technical manager at Optidev and responsible for the Great Place to Work partnership, says that Optidev has a clear goal:

“In order to become the mobility solutions leader, Optidev needs the best team and the company culture is essential. We want to become Sweden’s best workplace.”

Last year Great Place to Work helped Optidev do a comprehensive employee survey and analysis of the corporate culture. Recently, Great Place to Work certified Optidevand it was the first step towards becoming one of Sweden’s and Europe’s best work places.

Optidev’s CEO, Fredrik Logenius does not believe the goal is set to high.

“Optidev scored high in the Great Place to Work study and I am very proud about results. Our goal is to continue to use Great Place to Work in our continuous efforts to improve Optidev while benchmarking us against other companies. It is very important that our employees feel good about their jobs and that we give them opportunity to grow.”

For further information, please contact:

Fredrik Logenius
CEO, Optidev AB
+46 733-58 42 02

David Landerborn
Technical Manager, Optidev AB
+46 709-48 26 42



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