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Optidev’s Test of Body Cams in the Stockholm Subway Grabs Media’s Attention

– Never before has media paid so much attention to a project that Optidev has been involved with. Monitoring, integrity and security are all hot topics with high importance to the general public.

Fredrik Logenius, Optidev’s CEO, says that the news about SL’s ticket inspectors using body cameras immediately became a hot topic in media. Both leading morning newspapers and SVT news covered the project. Optidev has delivered both the hardware and software for the body cam solution.

– The body cameras record sound and video footage and are controlled by the ticket inspectors. The cameras help to ensure that the ticket surcharges are paid and help prevent threating situations. SL has equipped twelve ticket inspectors with cameras so far. After a two-months test period the results will be evaluated, says Logenius.

With many customers in the security industry, Optidev has gained extensive knowledge and experience about privacy issues and the rules that apply. As a result, Optidev has employees with security clearance in all departments. These employees have gone through rigorous background checks performed by the Swedish County Administrative Boards, the Police Authority, and the Swedish Security Police. The security clearance is a requirement for handling projects that involve classified information.

– All forms of surveillance require maximum security. In SL’s case, all recorded material is encrypted before it is sent to a local server, protecting from unauthorized access, concludes Logenius.

SL inspectors carry body cameras

The inspectors of Stockholm’s local traffic is starting to wear our body-borne cameras. The cameras are used for a two-month trial period to ensure the inspectors safety and prevent threatening situations. 

Mentions in Swedish media

SL Invests In a New Ticket Solution

ISS is a global leading provider of facility services and in charge of ticket control at Stockholm’s public transportation system. In 2013, the company was rewarded the SL contract to handle ticket inspection and hired Optidev to lead the transition from pen and paper to an electronic ticket system for handling ticket control and penalty fees. New requirements from SL, including three million ticket controls per year, made it necessary to redesign the ticketing system.

ISS decided to update the solution and selected to work with Optidev. Some of the new features requested by ISS included faster ticket control and more efficient handling of penalty fees. In addition, SL required improved functions for planning and accounting.

”One of the challenges was to build a solution with radically enhanced functionality but with the same user interface so that the ticket inspectors would recognize the system,” says Fredrik Logenius, Optidev’s CEO.

“Already from start, we realized that the solution had to be completely rebuilt. There was also an expectation to have the new version available in a very short time. We immersed ourselves in the new project and replaced the old Windows Mobile system with a brand new Android-based solution”, continues Fredrik.
The result was a complete, electronic ticketing solution with a rugged handheld device, mobile software based on Optidev’s TrueMobile platform, a Bluetooth printer, and last but not least, a powerful back office system. Each component is designed to streamline the ticketing process — from office administration to ticket inspection.

In addition to providing the hardware and software, Optidev also handles support and 24-hours exchange service. With Optidev as the overall supplier, ISS now has one single contact for all questions and requests. The system has been up and running since January 2018.

”The partnership with Optidev has significantly improved the efficiency of our workflow. It feels safe to have a partner who is both experienced and innovative, and we are looking forward to continuing the development of the solution together with Optidev”, says Rutta Rusom, system administrator at ISS.

For more information, please contact:

Fredrik Logenius
President/CEO, Optidev AB
Mobile: +46 733-58 42 02

Optidev Awarded SEK 20 Million Contract for Västtrafik

Optidev, a hardware and software company headquartered in Borås of Sweden has been selected to deliver a mobile ticketing solution to manage ticket sales and ticket inspection on board trains, trams and ferries operated by Västtrafik. The contract spans over five years.

– Train managers, inspectors, and ferry service personnel will receive a durable and user-friendly mobile device that will keep them connected to the new generation ticketing system that supports the national ticket and payment standard (BoB) governed by Samtrafiken. The national standard was developed for use by all Swedish travel companies, says Fredrik Logenius, CEO at Optidev.

– Another advantage is that Optidev can offer consumer products with cutting-edge technology as an option to rugged enterprise products. The mobile consumer device can be protected by a rugged case, which provides great durability at a significantly lower cost than other rugged solutions, says Björn Larsson, solution architect and responsible for the project at Optidev.

–The solution from Optidev simplifies ticket sales and ticket inspection on board our vehicles. Our train managers and ticket inspectors are testing the new system in October. In the spring of 2019, we will roll out approximately 380 handheld devices, says Maria Björner Brauer, sales and marketing director at Västtrafik.

Optidev Receives Prestigious Award

Canadian SOTI, one of the global leaders in Enterprise Mobility Management, has selected Swedish Optidev for the prestigious “Marketing in Motion Award”. Optidev received the award at the SOTI SYNC 2018 partner and user conference in Dublin.
“In our industry, this can be compared to getting an Oscar,” says Fredrik Logenius, CEO at Optidev.

The “Marketing in Motion Award” is awarded to the partner that best emphasizes SOTI’s technology and business benefits. Optidev uses SOTI solutions to enable customers to remotely manage, secure, and update mobile devices remotely.

“For example, if everyone in a company has to update their phones, it is more secure to update all devices at once. No matter if the device is used in a warehouse in Borneo’s jungle or by a truck driver in Sweden – SOTI allows us to manage updates remotely. SOTI also enables us to secure or remote wipe information if a mobile device is lost or stolen,” explains Logenius.

Christian Lundin, VP and director of sales at Optidev was presented the award at SOTI SYNC in Dublin.

“We are very proud that our Swedish company with expertise in mobility solutions for data capture and traceability of mission critical information has been selected for this award and is recognized by a global company with more than 17,000 enterprise customers worldwide,” says Lundin.

Stefan Spendrup, managing director at SOTI in the Nordic region and France, is very pleased with the Optidev partnership.

“Extensive market activities, including case studies, events, digital initiatives and social media marketing, have been instrumental for Optidev’s rapid growth with 50 percent year- over-year growth rate. The partnership with Optidev has resulted in several large customer wins, including some of the largest players in the retail and transportation industry in Europe.

Optidev Closes Deal With One of Denmark’s Largest Carriers

“We showed up at the right time with the right product at the right price. In addition, Danske Fragtmænd A/S liked Optidev’s offering and our way of working,” says Kristian Smedegaard, Opitev’s country manager in Denmark. Kristian joined Optidev after the office in Denmark was opened last year.

The deal with Danske Fragtmænd, one of Denmark’s largest national carriers, includes a five years rental and service agreement with more than 1,800 handheld computers that will be used by the company’s drivers. The new Honeywell Dolphin CT60 handheld computers replace the IKON terminals from Psion that the company currently uses.

“Honeywell’s new Dolphin CT60 enabled Optidev to offer a solution at the right price and with better features such as support for four generations Android,” continues Smedegaard.

Danske Fragtmænd allowed a few selected drivers to test the new Dolphin handheld computer for a few weeks. The test results were positive and the delivery of a new system was urgent.

“It was important for Danske Fragtmænd that we could deliver a large number of devices already in the first quarter,” says Smedegaard. “Our good relationship with Honeywell enabled us meet their expectations.”

Optidev is very confident about market development in the Nordic region. The need for rugged mobile solutions to capture business critical information is growing in many industries. Optidev is one of few companies to offer a turnkey solution with hardware and software paired with service and support.

“We are growing in all our markets. In addition to the growth in the transport and logistics industry, we are seeing a large potential in the EMS and public safety sector in Denmark,” concludes Optidev’s CEO Fredrik Logenius.

Optidev First to Introduce Voice Control Solutions as A Rental Service

Optidev is launching TrueMobile Voice – a mobility solution based entirely on voice control − and is the first to offer the voice solution as a rental service. “Voice control is the new way to operate warehouses and other logistics flows and fits well into our product portfolio. By offering the voice-based solution as a monthly service, we are giving our customers the option to implement the technology without high startup costs,” says Fredrik Logenius, CEO of Optidev.

TrueMobile Voice simplifies, streamlines, and ensures accuracy in warehouse picking applications and other logistical processes. It enables the mobile users to use voice control to complete tasks faster and more ergonomically while minimizing mistakes caused by manual errors. In addition, the company management gets access to the information in real-time.

”At Optidev, we always look for future solutions that will make companies more efficient. We don’t only focus on the services and the products, but understand the importance of a total solution. The rental service model is an important part of our strategy,” concludes Fredrik Logenius.

Increased efficiency and productivity are often the results of reduced manual paperwork and less time in front of a screen or keyboard. TrueMobile Voice fulfills that need without requiring expensive investments in new infrastructure.

Sweden’s Best Workplace 2018

“Last year we decided to become one of the best workplaces in Sweden. Now, we are. Receiving the award “Sweden’s Best Workplace 2018“ from Great Place To Work at Circus in Stockholm is the best grade you can get. We want to thank all our amazing coworkers.”

David Landerborn, COO at Optidev, reports that this was the second year Optidev participated in the Great Place To Work survey and both times the results were very good.

The survey focuses on Optidev’s leadership and organization. It looks at the satisfaction and motivation of the coworkers. Even though Optidev scored very high in the previous survey, this year’s result still shows an improvement. In 2016, 96 percent of the coworkers agreed that Optidev was a very good place to work. This year, 100 percent agreed.

“We have actually reached 100 percent satisfaction in a number of areas, including “Would you recommend Optidev as an employer?” and that makes us very proud,” says Landerborn.

Optidev has invested a lot of time and effort to create a culture that makes coworkers feel that they can impact both their own and the company’s development. Consequently, the company’s future development is closely related to what kind of company culture you want. In a way, Great Place To Work functions like a business tool. Coworkers who are satisfied and feel involved, dare to take initiatives for improvement.

“For us, it is always the human aspect that is the most important and the business aspect is just part of the deal. We don’t think that the top-down management style and the tough work culture that some companies advocate is ever a good choice. Therefore, we will of course continue to work with Great Place To Work,” says Optidev’s CEO and partner Fredrik Logenius.


Quotes from coworkers:

“There are not many workplaces, where you long back to work, but Optidev is that kind of workplace.”

“What makes Optidev a great workplace is that anyone in the organization is empowered to influence the way forward, both for the company and the individual. At Optidev, anyone can ask for help or have a discussion with coworkers in a different department, and always be treated with respect. The the vast majority will make the extra effort to help.”

“You feel like you belong to a community at Optidev. We support each other and solve problems together. We deliver products and services that make a difference for our customers.”

“One of the strengths is that we work in teams, with both management and regular coworkers on the same team. The culture is to listen to suggestions from all coworkers.”


Great Place to Work

Great Place to Work helps organizations in all industries and any size to evaluate and develop their workplace culture. For more than 30 years, Great Place To Work has researched what makes a workplace great. The company’s models and research are based on annual studies and surveys of ten million employees from about 7,000 organizations in 50 countries.

Support in Norwegian and Danish

Optidev strengthens its support services by offering the service web in Norwegian and Danish as part of its increased focus on Norway and Denmark.

On TrueMobile Day, October 12, Optidev’s CEO Fredrik Logenius revealed that Optidev had acquired the Norwegian company Blinken eFront. In addition, Optidev is adding more resources to the office in the Öresund region. As part of this effort, Optidev’s service web is now available in Norwegian and Danish in addition to Swedish and English.

“Norwegian and Danish are natural language choices as we continue to increase our presence in the Nordic region,” says Fredrik Logenius. “We see a large growth potential in Norway and Denmark, and we are looking forward to offering even more language options in the future.”


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