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Optidev First to Introduce Voice Control Solutions as A Rental Service

Optidev is launching TrueMobile Voice – a mobility solution based entirely on voice control − and is the first to offer the voice solution as a rental service. “Voice control is the new way to operate warehouses and other logistics flows and fits well into our product portfolio. By offering the voice-based solution as a monthly service, we are giving our customers the option to implement the technology without high startup costs,” says Fredrik Logenius, CEO of Optidev.

TrueMobile Voice simplifies, streamlines, and ensures accuracy in warehouse picking applications and other logistical processes. It enables the mobile users to use voice control to complete tasks faster and more ergonomically while minimizing mistakes caused by manual errors. In addition, the company management gets access to the information in real-time.

”At Optidev, we always look for future solutions that will make companies more efficient. We don’t only focus on the services and the products, but understand the importance of a total solution. The rental service model is an important part of our strategy,” concludes Fredrik Logenius.

Increased efficiency and productivity are often the results of reduced manual paperwork and less time in front of a screen or keyboard. TrueMobile Voice fulfills that need without requiring expensive investments in new infrastructure.


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