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New Head of Sales at Optidev

Glenn W. Gleditsch-Reiersen has taken on the role as the new sales director at Optidev, a company that is in an industry that has rapidly changed from a niche market to a market in the spotlight. Glenn will focus on improving the clarity of the communication to make it easier for both customers and the internal sales team.

As the new sales director, Glenn’s goal is to make the sales team more efficient by providing better support and improving the clarity of sales strategy for the team.

– With the right structures in place, we can simplify things that are otherwise complicated. By making it easier for our customers to understand our solutions without technical expertise, we are also making it easier for our sales people to do a good job, explains Glenn.

According to Glenn, one of his challenges is to manage the rapid growth in the mobility industry. In a very short time, mobility solutions have changed from a peripheral market to a core business that almost every company needs to include in their strategy. Because of this, Optidev needs to be prepared to work with a broader customer base.

The sales director job requires a leader with both a clear vision and the ability to see the individual.

– As a leader it is important to always see the individual, and because everyone is different, it is critical to understand every person’s circumstances to enable him or her to succeed, says Glenn.

Glenn has been appointed the sales director, following several interim sales managers at Optidev. He is internally recruited and was Optidev’s country manager in Norway for the last five years. He has experience from everything from IT to quality and sales.

Prior to joining Optidev, Glenn worked in DHL Supply Chain Norway as head of IT and later Business Director (General Manager) for almost ten years. It was during this time, that he came in contact with Optidev, which was one of DHL’s vendors. Based on his customer experience, Glenn has got a more clear perspective on how the sales work should be structured.

– It can be a little frustrating at times. I think we (Optidev) have the best product in the world, but we have not been effective in communicating that in a way that everyone understands. It’s like having a great stereo with bad speakers. My intention is to fix that problem now.

For questions and more information:

Glenn W. Gleditsch-Reiersen
Head of Sales, Optidev AB

Optidev Joins the Swedish Eco-Friendly Fitness Trend “Plogging”

In the spring, Optidev introduced a new fitness initiative called “plogging” to its coworkers. Plogging involves jogging while picking up trash in the local environment. The purpose is to create awareness around littering, to promote a healthy work culture, and most importantly; to take responsibility for the environment.

”Optidev was challenged to join the plogging movement by Hejco, another Swedish company based in Borås. Since March, several of us have been plogging every week. Sometimes it is just a short trip on a lunch break or a longer weekend run, and running is not the only option, you can walk, skateboard or bike,” says David Landerborn, COO at Optidev with responsibility for the plogging initiative.

It was the simplicity of plogging that was appealing to Optidev. It is easy to get started, everyone can be involved, and you can adapt plogging to your level – all you need is a trash bag. Therese Nirvander, team leader for Optidev’s ordering and purchasing department and one of the company’s most active ploggers, says that you don’t have to run very far to fill up a bag.

”The amount of trash that we throw in our environment is completely horrible. There are many discussions about emissions from cars and factories, but little attention is paid to our local environment, even though a PET bottle can survive a human several times over. We want to bring attention to the impacts of littering in the local environment and influence as many people as possible to do the right thing.”

Optidev’s coworkers have engaged friends and family and invite everyone, including children, pets, grandmothers, and uncles to participate in plogging. Optidev has also started a Facebook group that is used to motivate each other and post photos of the findings after each plogging. Plogging helps create a good work atmosphere and team unity.

“Everyone can participate and make a difference and it is a fun and easy way to do something concrete for the environment, instead of just showing Optidev’s environmental policy in a PowerPoint presentation. Now, we urge other companies to start plogging and we will pass on the challenge to one of our customers or partners,” says David Landerborn.

Plogging is part of Optidev’s environmental program, which was recognized with the Svensk Miljobas environmental certification last month. After being awarded as one of Sweden’s best workplaces in 2018, Optidev is now aiming at becoming the best workplace in the Nordic region.

For further information, please contact:

David Landerborn
COO, Optidev AB
Mobile: +46 709-48 26 42

Optidev Wants to Create Ripple Effect With Environmental Certification

Optidev has obtained an environmental certification from Svensk Miljobas and is now pressuring its partners to think green.

“Our ambition is to be an environmental pioneer and role model in our industry. Therefore, it feels like a natural step to not only formalize our environmental work but also inspire and drive our partners to do the same,” says Fredrik Logenius, CEO of Optidev.

Several years ago, Optidev developed an environmental policy for the business. When one of the company’s customers required its suppliers to be environmentally certified, Optidev seized the opportunity to take the environmental work to the next level.

Optidev started the journey to become environmentally certified by Svensk Miljobas, a Swedish association that performs environmental certifications and audits. Together with Svensk Miljobas, Optidev defined environmental goals and developed an action plan for becoming a “green” company. In April of this year, the external audit was completed and Optidev is slated to receive a diploma for its efforts.

Carina Lennartzon, who is a project coordinator at Optidev leads the environmental work at Optidev and managed the certification process.

“Svensk Miljobas did not find any complaints during the audit, so our hard work has paid off. Now I am excited for the next steps that involve execution of our action plan and further engagement with both employees and partners,” says Carina.

Optidev’s goal is to create ripple effects among the company’s suppliers and partners. Following a review of the current situation, Optidev will start putting pressure on partners that are not yet environmentally certified. The ambition is to drive a positive change toward a greener and more sustainable way of doing business.

“More and more companies demand that their partners and suppliers have an environmental plan. I think that is great and something every business should do. It was because of demands from one of our customers that we became more serious about our environmental work,” says Fredrik.

Optidev’s environmental work will be evaluated at the end of the year, and a new external audit will take place in spring 2020.

“It is very important for Optidev to maintain the environmental certification — especially since we have to live up to the title as one of Sweden’s best workplaces and achieve our goal of becoming the Nordic region’s best workplace,” concludes Fredrik.

Earlier this year, Optidev was once again placed on the list of Sweden’s Best Workplaces, following collaboration with Great Place To Work, an organization that ranks workplaces by evaluating and developing workplace cultures.

Optidev – One of Sweden’s Best Places to Work

– Our fast advancement on the “Great Place To Work” listing of Sweden’s best work places shows that we are on track to reach our goal of becoming the best workplace in the Nordic region, says Fredrik Logenius, CEO of Optidev.

Optidev has just been recognized for its placement on the list of Sweden’s best places to work at an event at Cirkus in Stockholm. Last year, Optidev was included on the prestigious list, ranking 24 of Sweden’s 25 best workplaces. This year, Optidev made a big leap forward and advanced to place 17.

– Our progress validates that our efforts to uncover our coworkers’ possibilities and potential have paid off. I am very happy about the results, says David Landerborn, COO at Optidev and responsible for the partnership with Great Place To Work.

Optidev started the partnership with Great Place To Work in 2017. Great Place to Work is a global organization that works with evaluating and developing workplace cultures. Companies are ranked based on thorough employee surveys and analysis of the corporate culture. Based on the study results, Great Place to Work make recommendations for improvements that the company can do to become an even better workplace.

– We have learned from the results and implemented several changes based on the study, says David.
According to David, all levels of the company have been involved in the process and coworkers have been given the chance to try different roles with the company. David believes that many people focus too much on a person’s education instead of looking at the skills, motivation and personality.

– By allowing coworkers to try different roles, you can discover new strengths and possibilities. It allows coworkers to develop new skills while increasing the company’s expertise.

Since last year, the HR manager Marje Langseth Seimre has joined the Optidev team.

– I have worked in HR for many years, but never in a company like Optidev that really understands the importance of a corporate culture. Optidev has a unified and highly committed board and management team and all the members are highly engaged in the efforts to become the best workplace in the Nordic region.

Technology from Optidev Enables Same Day Delivery With PostNord

“It is Optidev that has developed the software for the new concept MyPack Home SameDay from PostNord, enabling delivery on the same day the order is placed”, says Optidev’s CEO Fredrik Logenius.

PostNord and the apparel retailer Lager 157 recently announced that they would start offering the SameDay service for orders placed before 3:00 pm through a pilot test in Stockholm. In the spring PostNord plans to offer this service to other e-retailers throughout Sweden. PostNord drivers already use the Optidev app to get information about where packages should be picked up, how many there are, where they should be delivered to, and in what order. The SameDay solution developed by Optidev allows them to track the status for all packages.

“Our SameDay API enables PostNord to see where packages are located and it provides the latest GPS coordinates and the estimated delivery time. This information can be shared with PostNord’s customers”, explains Fredrik Carlund, key account manager at Optidev.

Optidev’s collaboration with PostNord goes back many years. In addition to the mobile app for the drivers’ handheld devices and the new API for the SameDay service, Optidev is responsible for the technology that enables PostNord to remotely control and update all the mobile devices and also handles the service of the handheld devices.
“It is inspiring and developing to work with a large and leading company like PostNord that is also an early adopter of new technology. PostNord has the strength, logistics capability and size to establish the SameDay service throughout Sweden”, concludes Fredrik Logenius.



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