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New Head of Sales at Optidev

Glenn W. Gleditsch-Reiersen has taken on the role as the new sales director at Optidev, a company that is in an industry that has rapidly changed from a niche market to a market in the spotlight. Glenn will focus on improving the clarity of the communication to make it easier for both customers and the internal sales team.

As the new sales director, Glenn’s goal is to make the sales team more efficient by providing better support and improving the clarity of sales strategy for the team.

– With the right structures in place, we can simplify things that are otherwise complicated. By making it easier for our customers to understand our solutions without technical expertise, we are also making it easier for our sales people to do a good job, explains Glenn.

According to Glenn, one of his challenges is to manage the rapid growth in the mobility industry. In a very short time, mobility solutions have changed from a peripheral market to a core business that almost every company needs to include in their strategy. Because of this, Optidev needs to be prepared to work with a broader customer base.

The sales director job requires a leader with both a clear vision and the ability to see the individual.

– As a leader it is important to always see the individual, and because everyone is different, it is critical to understand every person’s circumstances to enable him or her to succeed, says Glenn.

Glenn has been appointed the sales director, following several interim sales managers at Optidev. He is internally recruited and was Optidev’s country manager in Norway for the last five years. He has experience from everything from IT to quality and sales.

Prior to joining Optidev, Glenn worked in DHL Supply Chain Norway as head of IT and later Business Director (General Manager) for almost ten years. It was during this time, that he came in contact with Optidev, which was one of DHL’s vendors. Based on his customer experience, Glenn has got a more clear perspective on how the sales work should be structured.

– It can be a little frustrating at times. I think we (Optidev) have the best product in the world, but we have not been effective in communicating that in a way that everyone understands. It’s like having a great stereo with bad speakers. My intention is to fix that problem now.

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Glenn W. Gleditsch-Reiersen
Head of Sales, Optidev AB


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