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Optidev – the first Swedish company with Google validation

One way to ensure that a supplier is at the right level is to undergo a validation. By being approved as an Android Enterprise Service Provider, Optidev has not only set a high standard but also ensured customers’ confidence in implementing a mobile platform for their company. Optidev is the first Swedish company to have validation.

The large number of mobile devices and services offered on the market can create confusion for companies that want to integrate everything into a cohesive solution. To clarify and simplify the use of both services and partner services, Google has created the Android Enterprise Recommended programme. The programme identifies OEMs, Enterprise Mobility Management, and vendors that meet the strict business requirements validated by Google.

Although Optidev is already well-integrated with a number of platforms, carriers, services and mobile offerings, in order to achieve the status of Android Enterprise Service Provider and give customers even greater security, Optidev had to meet a number of different criteria.

“To be approved, 60 percent of the sales organisation must have undergone training in Android Enterprise, while 60 percent of resources in pre-sales must undergo even more advanced training. Finally, at least three experts must obtain the highest Android Enterprise Experts certificate. We currently have four people who have trained at that level, says Fredrich Pékar,” Deputy Consulting & Project Delivery Manager at Optidev.

All in all, it is about delivering as smart and as good a solution as possible. Android is already widely used by companies, as more and more mobile devices are utilised for critical business processes. The need for proper planning and support for Android devices is only growing.

“This confirms that our way of working with solutions for Managed Mobility Services, together with Android Enterprise, is the right one. We always aim to follow the right guidelines and deliver the best possible solution to the customer. We now have Google behind us, which feels great, of course. A good validation is proof we know what we’re doing.”


Fredrich Pekár
Deputy Consulting & Project Delivery Manager
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Glenn W. Gleditsch-Reiersen
Head of Sales
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