Real-time information

Optidev has more than 17 years experience from developing, delivering, and implementing turnkey mobility solutions and is one of the leading players in the Nordic market. The solutions include both software and hardware, enabling mobile access to mission critical information with automated data capture and traceability.

Optidev’s customers operate in many different industries, including transportation and logistics, warehousing, retail, travel, and healthcare to mention a few. All the company’s customers share the objective to streamline their operations with automated data capture and real-time communications.

Optidev’s solutions are based on the TrueMobile software platform, which has been thoroughly tested and hardened to provide maximum performance and reliability. The software application can be paired with a broad selection of certified hardware such as mobile computers, bar code scanners, printers, and wireless network equipment and can be tailored to the customer’s specific needs.

Optidev offers comprehensive services, including 24-hours exchange service, support, and consulting services that reduce the burden on the customer.

This is what we manage every day:

  • 4 million transactions
  • 200,000 signatures
  • 60 million log entries
  • 2 million GPS positions


Founded: 2000

Owner: Techstep ASA

Revenue: 188 MSEK (2019)

Employees: 87

Offices: Borås (head office), Stockholm, Malmö, Son, Vejle

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    Robusta mobilitetslösningar för framtiden