Optidev Joins the Swedish Eco-Friendly Fitness Trend “Plogging”

In the spring, Optidev introduced a new fitness initiative called “plogging” to its coworkers. Plogging involves jogging while picking up trash in the local environment. The purpose is to create awareness around littering, to promote a healthy work culture, and most importantly; to take responsibility for the environment.

”Optidev was challenged to join the plogging movement by Hejco, another Swedish company based in Borås. Since March, several of us have been plogging every week. Sometimes it is just a short trip on a lunch break or a longer weekend run, and running is not the only option, you can walk, skateboard or bike,” says David Landerborn, COO at Optidev with responsibility for the plogging initiative.

It was the simplicity of plogging that was appealing to Optidev. It is easy to get started, everyone can be involved, and you can adapt plogging to your level – all you need is a trash bag. Therese Nirvander, team leader for Optidev’s ordering and purchasing department and one of the company’s most active ploggers, says that you don’t have to run very far to fill up a bag.

”The amount of trash that we throw in our environment is completely horrible. There are many discussions about emissions from cars and factories, but little attention is paid to our local environment, even though a PET bottle can survive a human several times over. We want to bring attention to the impacts of littering in the local environment and influence as many people as possible to do the right thing.”

Optidev’s coworkers have engaged friends and family and invite everyone, including children, pets, grandmothers, and uncles to participate in plogging. Optidev has also started a Facebook group that is used to motivate each other and post photos of the findings after each plogging. Plogging helps create a good work atmosphere and team unity.

“Everyone can participate and make a difference and it is a fun and easy way to do something concrete for the environment, instead of just showing Optidev’s environmental policy in a PowerPoint presentation. Now, we urge other companies to start plogging and we will pass on the challenge to one of our customers or partners,” says David Landerborn.

Plogging is part of Optidev’s environmental program, which was recognized with the Svensk Miljobas environmental certification last month. After being awarded as one of Sweden’s best workplaces in 2018, Optidev is now aiming at becoming the best workplace in the Nordic region.

For further information, please contact:

David Landerborn
COO, Optidev AB
Mobile: +46 709-48 26 42
E-mail: david.landerborn@optidev.se


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