Optidev Receives Prestigious Award

Canadian SOTI, one of the global leaders in Enterprise Mobility Management, has selected Swedish Optidev for the prestigious “Marketing in Motion Award”. Optidev received the award at the SOTI SYNC 2018 partner and user conference in Dublin.
“In our industry, this can be compared to getting an Oscar,” says Fredrik Logenius, CEO at Optidev.

The “Marketing in Motion Award” is awarded to the partner that best emphasizes SOTI’s technology and business benefits. Optidev uses SOTI solutions to enable customers to remotely manage, secure, and update mobile devices remotely.

“For example, if everyone in a company has to update their phones, it is more secure to update all devices at once. No matter if the device is used in a warehouse in Borneo’s jungle or by a truck driver in Sweden – SOTI allows us to manage updates remotely. SOTI also enables us to secure or remote wipe information if a mobile device is lost or stolen,” explains Logenius.

Christian Lundin, VP and director of sales at Optidev was presented the award at SOTI SYNC in Dublin.

“We are very proud that our Swedish company with expertise in mobility solutions for data capture and traceability of mission critical information has been selected for this award and is recognized by a global company with more than 17,000 enterprise customers worldwide,” says Lundin.

Stefan Spendrup, managing director at SOTI in the Nordic region and France, is very pleased with the Optidev partnership.

“Extensive market activities, including case studies, events, digital initiatives and social media marketing, have been instrumental for Optidev’s rapid growth with 50 percent year- over-year growth rate. The partnership with Optidev has resulted in several large customer wins, including some of the largest players in the retail and transportation industry in Europe.


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