Optidev revolutionizes the logistics industry

– Logistics is about real-time production monitoring and control over all mobile devices used in the logistics chain – from pick-up to delivery. Companies need to keep track of what has been delivered, and when, and how much is left to do. Now Optidev collects all the important data in a new app.

Fredrik Logenius, CEO at Optidev, demonstrates how the new TrueMobile Control Center app works.

The user-friendly app provides real-time visibility to logistics key metrics, including how much has been loaded and by who, when it was delivered, handed over, and picked up. The app also tracks if the items were shipped on time, how much is left to do, and if there were any deviations.

TrueMobile Control Center collects data from all the mobile devices and presents the information in easy-to-read reports that contain both numbers and graphs. The reports provide valuable insight that helps speed up the planning and decision-making process.

– For example, the app keeps track of how many deliveries have been made and how many remain, making it easy to quickly allocate extra resources where needed. Perhaps more staff is needed and can be called in to keep promised delivery times. TrueMobile Control Center collects business intelligence from every single mobile device in the logistics chain.

Previously, all repair requests have been submitted via Optidev Service Web, but the new app makes it possible to also send repair requests from a phone. Just scan bar code label of the mobile device and a ready-to-use replacement unit is shipped within 24 hours.

– Up until now data has been scattered though many different systems, but the TrueMobile Control Center pulls data from many different locations and presents the information in one user-friendly app. I think Optidev is the first in the world! TrueMobile Control Center will change and streamline our customers’ ways of working, “concludes Fredrik Logenius.

The app is available in the App Store and on Google Play.


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