Optidev Wants to Create Ripple Effect With Environmental Certification

Optidev has obtained an environmental certification from Svensk Miljobas and is now pressuring its partners to think green.

“Our ambition is to be an environmental pioneer and role model in our industry. Therefore, it feels like a natural step to not only formalize our environmental work but also inspire and drive our partners to do the same,” says Fredrik Logenius, CEO of Optidev.

Several years ago, Optidev developed an environmental policy for the business. When one of the company’s customers required its suppliers to be environmentally certified, Optidev seized the opportunity to take the environmental work to the next level.

Optidev started the journey to become environmentally certified by Svensk Miljobas, a Swedish association that performs environmental certifications and audits. Together with Svensk Miljobas, Optidev defined environmental goals and developed an action plan for becoming a “green” company. In April of this year, the external audit was completed and Optidev is slated to receive a diploma for its efforts.

Carina Lennartzon, who is a project coordinator at Optidev leads the environmental work at Optidev and managed the certification process.

“Svensk Miljobas did not find any complaints during the audit, so our hard work has paid off. Now I am excited for the next steps that involve execution of our action plan and further engagement with both employees and partners,” says Carina.

Optidev’s goal is to create ripple effects among the company’s suppliers and partners. Following a review of the current situation, Optidev will start putting pressure on partners that are not yet environmentally certified. The ambition is to drive a positive change toward a greener and more sustainable way of doing business.

“More and more companies demand that their partners and suppliers have an environmental plan. I think that is great and something every business should do. It was because of demands from one of our customers that we became more serious about our environmental work,” says Fredrik.

Optidev’s environmental work will be evaluated at the end of the year, and a new external audit will take place in spring 2020.

“It is very important for Optidev to maintain the environmental certification — especially since we have to live up to the title as one of Sweden’s best workplaces and achieve our goal of becoming the Nordic region’s best workplace,” concludes Fredrik.

Earlier this year, Optidev was once again placed on the list of Sweden’s Best Workplaces, following collaboration with Great Place To Work, an organization that ranks workplaces by evaluating and developing workplace cultures.


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