Optidev’s Test of Body Cams in the Stockholm Subway Grabs Media’s Attention

– Never before has media paid so much attention to a project that Optidev has been involved with. Monitoring, integrity and security are all hot topics with high importance to the general public.

Fredrik Logenius, Optidev’s CEO, says that the news about SL’s ticket inspectors using body cameras immediately became a hot topic in media. Both leading morning newspapers and SVT news covered the project. Optidev has delivered both the hardware and software for the body cam solution.

– The body cameras record sound and video footage and are controlled by the ticket inspectors. The cameras help to ensure that the ticket surcharges are paid and help prevent threating situations. SL has equipped twelve ticket inspectors with cameras so far. After a two-months test period the results will be evaluated, says Logenius.

With many customers in the security industry, Optidev has gained extensive knowledge and experience about privacy issues and the rules that apply. As a result, Optidev has employees with security clearance in all departments. These employees have gone through rigorous background checks performed by the Swedish County Administrative Boards, the Police Authority, and the Swedish Security Police. The security clearance is a requirement for handling projects that involve classified information.

– All forms of surveillance require maximum security. In SL’s case, all recorded material is encrypted before it is sent to a local server, protecting from unauthorized access, concludes Logenius.


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