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TrueMobile Track & Trace provides real-time traceability and signatures as proof-of-delivery with real-time connection to Bussgods’ other business systems.

Bussgods was looking for a simple and price-effective track and trace solution for shipments handled at the company’s 150 nationwide logistic hubs or agent-operated hubs. Bussgods selected Optidev and the companies signed a long-term partnership agreement.

Bussgods selects Optidev for tracking

Bussgods gathered people from different parts of its organization to attend a one-day workshop to discuss and provide feedback for the implementation. Less than a month after the workshop, TrueMobile Track & Trace was already available for testing at selected hubs.

Bussgods uses modern mobile computers that are equipped with GPS and a camera and the agents use a simpler version.

TrueMobile Track & Trace is a turnkey solution that includes hardware, software application, mobile data platform, program loading and rollout, GPRS data plan, real-time communication with Bussgods’ business system, project management, testing, support, 24-hours exchange service, and device management. The device management component enables efficient administration of the system. Bussgods rents the solution on a monthly basis and pays per unit, ensuring good control of the operating costs.

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