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DB Schenker

DB Schenker’s agents used outdated mobile computers that needed to be replaced with both new hardware and software. Optidev delivered a flexible, reliable, and future-proof solution.

Turnkey solution future-proofs 1,400 DB Schenker agents in Sweden

Old technology
DB Schenker’s parcel service currently has around 1,400 agents, including the Swedish “Pressbyrå”, other convenience stores, supermarkets, and gas stations, offering customers convenient access to pick up and send packages. The old system for tracking had roots in 1990s when the service was still called Privpak. In 2009, the mobile computers were replaced with Windows-based computers.

Many problems
The new Windows computers connected to the Internet via ADSL modems that DB Schenker was responsible for. This caused several problems, including unauthorized Internet browsing and the DB Schenker Internet connection was often used for other services. The next problem came when Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP. In addition, the computers could not be managed and updated remotely.

A total solution
In 2013, DB Schenker began looking for a replacement solution and Optidev offered to become the company’s mobility supplier. The offer included hardware and software, but Optidev also proactively worked to address challenges and needs in the organization.

A partnership forms
Optidev’s first DB Schenker project was to supply wireless scanners to DB Schenker’s retail agents. In parallel, Optidev and DB Schenker worked closely together to develop a scalable and future-proof solution to replace the outdated Windows XP-based PC computers.

Safety and flexibility
With flexibility and security as key objectives, DB Schenker selected the Android-based Samsung Galaxy Tab. The tablet is connected via the Telenor 4G network, which offers a 100 percent coverage warranty. Optidev teamed up with Brodit to develop a hard plastic case and a lockable mounting solution that protects the tablet from damage and theft. The smart design makes sure it also fits future Samsung Galaxy Tab models. A wireless bar code scanner connects to the tablet via Bluetooth for fast and ergonomic scanning.

Remote control
Optidev delivers all Samsung tablets with SOTI Device Management preinstalled, enabling DB Schenker to remotely control and update the tablets. The tablets run in “kiosk mode”, which means that the tablets have been locked down and can only be used for the DB Schenker application. The application, developed by Optidev, connects with a Bluetooth bar code scanner and is integrated with the DB Schenker agent portal.

Pilot and rollout
In the summer of 2014, DB Schenker conducted a pilot with ten of its agents, that previously had problems the old tracking solution such as poor Internet coverage and performance issues. The pilot was very successful, and by September 2016, all 1,400 agents had been equipped with the new tablet solution. The project is considered one of the most successful in the DB Schenker group.

Business benefits

Wireless connectivity
Remote configuration
Easy to use and manage
Enhanced data security
Protection from theft and damage
24-hour exchange service directly to agents

Complete solution with Samsung Galaxy Tab

This is a future-proof solution that is designed to support the fact that Samsung regularly releases new tablets to the consumer market. New models of the Galaxy Tab can easily be incorporated into the solution, providing a flexible and affordable rental solution.


  • Wireless connectivity
  • Remote configuration
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Enhanced data security
  • Protection from theft and damage
  • 24-hour exchange service directly to agents

About DB Schenker

DB Schenker is a global logistics company that offers a wide variety of transport, warehousing, and logistics solutions. Gottfried Schenker in Vienna, Austria founded DB Schenker over 100 years ago.


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