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DHL Express

TrueMobile Track & Trace provides DHL Express traceability for batch-shipments.

In the fall of 2008, DHL Express deployed more than 1,100 mobile computers based on TrueMobile Track & Trace with functions for pick up and delivery, deviation reporting, and adjustment of the weight and volume. In total 3,300 drivers and 140 contracted carriers were trained to use the new system. The carrier, “Berglund’s Åkeri” in Eskilstuna was the first contracted carrier to introduce the new mobile computing system.

Prior to deploying TrueMobile Track & Trace, DHL Express did not have the ability to track batch shipments. Drivers used pen and paper to check off deliveries and this information was later typed into MobiLast, resulting in big delays. In addition, TrueMobile Track & Trace quality of the invoices by enabling the driver to capture and validate information about the shipments and bill the customer sooner.

“Our customers demanded traceability of all batch shipments,” said Michael Källbäcker, project manager at DHL Express. “The investment in TrueMobile Track & Trace was a strategic decision and important in order to maintain our leading market position and win new market shares.”

Business benefits

Improved customer service
Clearer responsibility for damage
Easy to adjust mistakes
Faster invoicing with improved cash flow
Improved monitoring capabilities

Streamlined billing and improved cash flow

``TrueMobile Track & Trace has improved the quality of our invoices and billing can be done in connection with the shipment date with significant impact on our cash flow.”

- Michael Källbäcker, project manager, at DHL Express


  • Turnkey mobile computer solution at a fixed monthly fee
  • The mobile computers are directly linked to DHL Express MobiLast planning system
  • IT support for deviation reporting
  • Captured data about a shipment is searchable in real-time

About DHL Express

DHL is the market leader in logistics and the “logistics company for the entire world”. DHL offers expertise in international express, air and ocean freight, road and rail transport, logistics and international mail services. With a global network of more than 220 countries and territories and about 300,000 employees, DHL Express offers customers premium quality combined with good local knowledge. DHL is part of Deutsche Post DHL with 46 billion EURO in revenue in 2009.

DHL Freight

DHL Freight handles batch shipments that go all the way from a sender to a receiver, without reloading at a terminal. DHL’s partner network often handles these transports.


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