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With a large volume of work orders, and many different field technicians and subcontractors, the use of pen and paper became a barrier and a time waster for the energy supplier E.ON. Optidev developed a system that significantly reduced the amount of administrative work and simplified scheduling and resource planning.

The system that made E.ON more efficient


E.ON contacted Optidev about a surprisingly common problem for many companies. E.ON struggled with too much manual work and was still using paper and pen for many of its processes.

E.ON was focused on improving the slow and inefficient manual process for data collection and communication between the field technicians and the SAP business system.

A uniform workflow with proper connections

The first step in improving the workflow and communication process was to help E.ON to define and develop the ideal information flow. Every user had its own way of using the pen and paper-based system, thus the challenge was to create a uniform work process for all the users. Optidev organized workshops that included users from all functions within the company to gather feedback.
The next challenge was to integrate Optidev’s mobile platform with the SAP business system.


Optidev’s mobile solution enables E.ON’s field technicians to track the status of all work orders in real-time via the Optidev web portal. Information is retrieved from SAP, but Optidev enables field technicians to add additional information via the mobile system.

The new web portal simplifies scheduling and resource planning and it increases the flexibility by allowing field technicians to collaborate and redistribute work orders, resulting in a better customer experience.

All collected data, including standard information as well as special notes and photos are transmitted to the web portal where applicable data is sent to SAP.

Work in off-line mode
Since many of E.ON’s jobs are completed in basements and other environments with poor coverage, it was critical to build a solution that works in offline mode. The technician logs in before starting a new job, and all information is saved locally on the mobile device during the job. Once the technician is back online, all the information is automatically transmitted to the web portal and to SAP.

Business Benefits

Reduction of administrative tasks
Validation for reduced margin of error
Flexible planning
Better overview


  • Digitalisering av processer
  • Hård- och mjukvara
  • Genomarbetat arbetsflöde
  • Minskad administration
  • Förbättrad planering


E.ON är ett energibolag som fokuserar på innovativa kundlösningar, förnybar energi och distribution av el genom smarta elnät. Företaget startade 1906 under namnet Sydkraft och ingår sedan tidigt 2000-tal i E.ON-koncernen.


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