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Geodis Wilson

Geodis Wilson provides end-to-end transport and logistics solutions based on sea and airfreight. Geodis Wilson does not own a fleet, but contracts other companies to fulfill the service.


Lack of traceability
Outsourcing is a cost-effective, but tracking becomes more complex because Geodis Wilson does not control the IT infrastructure. Some contracted companies completely lacked a tracking system, increasing the risk for shipments to be sent to the wrong location, resulting costly delays. The lack of information about shipments whereabouts made it difficult for customers to plan and allocate resources for receiving the goods.

Easy installation and low maintenance
Geodis Wilson looked for a solution that fulfilled the customers’ demands for greater traceability and visibility. With potentially thousands of users, spread over many different geographical locations, it was important that the solution was scalable and easy to use, install, and maintain. TrueMobile Track & Trace delivered on all those points!

No access to network resources
Since the tracking system was going to be used at distribution centers operated by either Geodis Wilson or contracted partners, TrueMobile Track & Trace does not rely on local infrastructure, but uses mobile networks to communicate.

Tracking in real-time
TrueMobile Track & Trace enables Geodis Wilson to improve the traceability of goods with scanning at the terminals and they also can document damaged goods with the mobile computer’s built-in camera.

Business Benefits

Increased traceability and reduced risk for errors
More efficient resource planning
Ability to document and take photos of damaged goods
Scalable and flexible solution
Easy implementation
Cost efficient solution

Track & Trace

``TrueMobile Track & Trace offers extraordinary flexibility and is more affordable than other solutions we evaluated. TrueMobile improves the quality of our services and enables us to be more proactive.``

Says who? Martin Nordblom, IT HQ Geodis Wilson


  • Barcode scanning
  • Signature Capture
  • GPRS / 3G-based communication
  • Photo capability
  • GPS data support
  • Integration with Freight Monitor

About Geodis Wilson

With more than 5,500 employees and representation in more than 120 countries, Geodis Wilson is one of the world’s largest freight management companies. The company offers integrated shipping solutions and delivers goods from door to door, by sea and air worldwide.


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