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HIT Starintex

HIT Starintex is fully owned by PostNord. The company procures transportation services from contracted carriers for night distribution of spare parts for cars, trucks and agricultural machines.


Optidev’s expertise from the transport and logistics industry has helped HIT Starintex to develop an efficient and secure solution for loading and delivery. TrueMobile Track & Trace validates that the driver picks up the correct package and delivers it at the right address. The delivery is combined with a GPS position to enable HIT Starintex to track the truck’s route and the delivery location.

Because HIT Starintex is based in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, Optidev has also developed local language support for each country.

Once again, TrueMobile Track & Trace demonstrates the advantage of a module-based software solution with superior scalability and flexibility. In addition, Optidev delivers support and repair services. New applications and upgrades are managed over the air, ensuring a future-ready solution.

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