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Jämtland County Council

Optidev’s success in the healthcare sector continues with the Östersund hospital in Jämtland’s county in northern Sweden. TrueMobile Track & Trace automates goods receiving at the hospital, increasing efficiency while reducing paperwork.

Optidev continues to break ground in healthcare

TrueMobile Track & Trace provides traceability and proof of delivery, increasing security and control of shipments. Packages are scanned at arrival at the hospital and the recipient signs upon delivery and the storage location is scanned for traceability. The new routine clarifies who has the responsibility for the package and reduces the risk for it to be lost.

All activities, including signatures can be viewed on TrueMobile Web and users can search for the package’s tracking number to find out if it has been delivered, who signed for it, and where it is stored.

Captured data is communicated in real-time via the cellular network (3G or GPRS), and does not require any integration with the hospital’s local network.

TrueMobile Track & Trace is based on software modules, providing the flexibility to add more functions in the future. Östersund hospital uses the TrueMobile Track & Trace application paired with the mobile computer MC65 from Motorola with 3G/GPRS connectivity to TrueMobile Web. In addition, the hospital leverages 24-hours exchange service and support. Everything is included for a fixed monthly fee per user.

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