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Karlstad hospital

TrueMobile Track & Trace helps Karlstad Hospital keep track of hospital beds for more efficient use of resources.

Keeping track of beds at Karlstad hospital

Karlstad hospital in Sweden has built a bed center to store, wash, repair, and prepare beds for the next patient.

TrueMobile Track & Trace keeps track of where the beds are and how many ready-made beds are available.

The bed’s bar code label is scanned at arrival to the bed center and then once again as it is washed, repaired, ready-made, and put away for storage. Upon delivery, the bed is scanned and the hospital ward is recorded.

All captured data is sent in real time to TrueMobile Web, which is projected on a large screen. The screen provides information about the beds’ location and status, and it also shows all incoming jobs and how many beds are available.

The bed project is Optidev’s third TrueMobile implementation in Värmland’s county. They already uses TrueMobile Track & Trace to track and monitor drug distribution and it is also used to mange order picking for the storage elevator that has recently been implemented at Karlstad hospital.

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