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Värmland County Council

The Värmland County Council uses TrueMobile Track & Trace to streamline and make distribution of drugs to hospitals and clinics safer and traceable.


TrueMobile Track & Trace makes drug distribution safer

Värmland county council lacked control of the delivery of pharmacy boxes, containing drugs to the region’s hospitals, health centers, and dental clinics. Deliveries were scantily documented with paper and pen, and there was no system in place for proof-of-delivery. Pharmacy boxes were delivered without signatures from the recipients or any type of follow up.

Need for proof of delivery for clear accountability

“Previously, it was difficult and time consuming to locate missing pharmacy boxes. A box could have been delivered to the wrong address and there was no proof of where the box was or who received it,” said Staffan Flodin, project manager at the Värmland county. “Pharmacy boxes can contain drugs with high potential for abuse and dependency so it is critical to increase the control with a clear transfer of the responsibility at both the pickup at the pharmacy’s central warehouse and upon delivery at the hospital or clinic.”

TrueMobile Track & Trace enables the pharmacy boxes to be scanned at certain checkpoints and at the time of delivery. The signature of the recipient is captured directly on the mobile computer screen, providing a clear transfer of responsibility for the packa

Business Benefits

Traceability with mobile IT support
Fixed monthly fee
Bar code labeled pharmacy boxes and shipping locations
Bar code scanning provides traceability
TrueMobile Web for real-time tracking

Track & Trace

``Optidev is responsible for the making sure that TrueMobile Track & Trace runs smoothly, removing the burden from our IT department . The mobile tracking system communicates via the cellular network and does not need a connection to the hospital’s network, saving significant time during the implementation``

Staffan Flodin, project manager, Värmland County Council


  • Bar code scanning
  • Proof-of-delivery
  • 3G/GPRS connectivity
  • Customer web portal provides traceability
  • Stand alone solution with no integration
  • 24-hour exchange service
  • Fixed monthly rent

The County Council of Värmland

The County Council of Värmland provides health care and dental care for its 273,000 residents. Värmland operates about 30 health centers, 40 dental clinics, and three hospitals are situated in the towns of Karlstad, Arvika and Torsby. In addition to healthcare services, the county council is also responsible for transportation, food, cleaning, telecommunications, and customer service.


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