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Menigo, one of the largest food and beverage wholesaler and supplier to restaurants, caterers, and convenience stores selected TrueMobile Order & Delivery for mobile ordering.


Simplified ordering process

TrueMobile Order & Delivery offers Menigo’s customers an easier and more efficient way to order food and beverage products from a mobile computer.

New orders are quickly generated by browsing the electronic product catalogue or by scanning the product bar code label and selecting the desired quantity. Orders are verified and sent to Menigo’s order management system that makes sure the order is picked and delivered within the selected timeframe.

TrueMobile Order & Delivery is a cloud-based service, providing a total solution with hardware, software application, exchange service, support, and a wireless data plan. Optidev has full responsibility for the solution and Menigo can rest assured that the service is always available and that support is on standby when needed.

“Optidev is the perfect partner for Menigo’s investment in e-commerce to simplify our customers’ everyday lives,” said Per Andersson, head of Menigo’s eCommerce group.

“Menigo’s investment in a mobile eCommerce solutions is a sign that traditional industries like the wholesale business are now ready to take advantage of modern IT solutions to become more competitive,” said Christian Lundin, sales director at Optidev. “We are proud that Menigo views Optidev as an important mobility partner.”

Menigo and Optidev have signed a three-year partnership contract.

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