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P.EX Bud (Swedish Post Express)

Swedish Post is not primarily known for courier services, but P.EX. Bud is part of Swedish Post and one of the largest players in this field. P.EX. Bud specializes in quick door-to-door deliveries.


The delivery business is a fast-moving business and therefore requires a dynamic IT system that optimizes the use of resources. New jobs continuously come in via the web site and over the phone, and it is important that new jobs are quickly assigned to a driver. It is significantly more efficient if drivers can be assigned additional stops along their routes than to send a separate car. TrueMobile Order & Delivery simplifies that that resource planning and assignment of incoming jobs.
TrueMobile Order & Delivery provides overview and makes it possible to optimize job assignment based on the truck’s location and destination and assigned jobs. It is also possible to view the job history.
Dispatchers must be able to quickly make decisions and delegate assign new work orders to the right trucks. New assignments are pushed out to the mobile computer and the driver can accept or deny the job. Dispatchers can view the entire fleet on a map and they can be grouped by location and/or vehicle type.
The Motorola MC65 mobile computer has a built-in GPS radio that automatically and continuously sends the GPS information to the TrueMobile Map, enabling dispatchers to view all the vehicle location.

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