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Phones and tablets are becoming increasingly important in PostNord’s operation. SOTI MobiControl provides a detailed overview and enables PostNord to efficiently control the company’s thousands of mobile devices.


Transition to digital and mobile data

In the 2000’s, PostNord transitioned from paper signatures to digital signatures and the use of mobile devices allowed information to be transferred in real-time.

Manual administration

With the rise of eCommerce the number of packages with electronic signatures increased rapidly, and so did the number of mobile devices used by PostNord. The new mobile solution was implemented without a management solution and soon it became a very complicated to keep track of the mobile devices and software updates had to be handled manually.


SOTI MobiControl enables PostNord to take control of its mobile fleet with the ability to remotely control and update all devices. In addition, the use of SOTI MobiControl resulted in improved data security and productivity.

Business Benefits

Reduced support costs
Increased data security
Faster deployment of new mobile devices
Remote configuration and updates

SOTI Mobile Control

“SOTI MobiControl allows us to manage our mobile devices remotely. We can control our mobile assets and efficiently manage the mobile clients.”

Björn Heijbel, IT manager, PostNord Sweden


  • Reduced support costs
  • Increased data security
  • Faster deployment of new devices
  • Remote configuration

About PostNord

PostNord is a leading player in the Nordic transportation and logistics market and offers standard parcel, pallet, express, and courier services with high reliability and quality. In addition, the company offers tailored third party logistics solutions, freight forwarding, and shipping by car, sea and air—with global reach.


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