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Toten Transport

Toten Transport, Norway’s largest privately owned trucking company, selected Optidev TrueMobile Hardware & Services when they equipped more than 200 trucks with mobile computers.

GPS handhelds streamlines

Toten selected the 3G-based MC65 mobile computer from Motorola, featuring built-in GPS module, camera and imager. The mobile computer is rugged and protected against drops and bumps, and it has an IP65-rating.

Toten Transport opted for a 3-year service contract to ensure trouble-free operation and minimize downtime.

In addition to the handheld computers, Optidev delivered Wi-Fi networks to Toten Transport’s terminal facilities. Optidev conducted a network survey, planned the network, and installed the Motorola’s RFS6000 switch and access ports on several of the company’s terminals.

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