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The Uppsala University Hospital

TrueMobile Track & Trace from Optidev improves control and visibility of shipments received at the Uppsala University hospital, resulting in faster delivery, less shrinkage, and satisfied clients.


Improved traceability at the Uppsala University Hospital

LSU Transport that handles internal shipments at the Uppsala University hospital lacked a system for traceability and proof of delivery.

External delivery companies provided traceability up until the shipments were delivered at the hospital, but after that LSU Transport had no ability to track where the packages were or if they had been delivered to their final destinations and who had received them.

“Once a package arrives at the hospital, LSU Transport is responsible for the package, and shrinkage negatively impacts our results,” said Jonas Berglund, supply chain manager at Uppsala county council. “The lack of control gave us a bad reputation and a lot of time was wasted on trying to find lost packages.”

LSU Transport looked for an electronic tracking system to improve traceability and proof of delivery. The company selected TrueMobile Track & Trace. The mobile computer-based solution uses bar code scanning and signature capture on the display and all information about a package is immediately searchable online. In addition, LSU Transport liked the fact that TrueMobile Track & Trace offered flexibility and was easy to use and implement.

Business advantages

Real-time traceability
Improved company reputation
Less support inquiries and administrative work
Easy and fast implementation
Easy to scale

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