Support in Norwegian and Danish

Optidev strengthens its support services by offering the service web in Norwegian and Danish as part of its increased focus on Norway and Denmark.

On TrueMobile Day, October 12, Optidev’s CEO Fredrik Logenius revealed that Optidev had acquired the Norwegian company Blinken eFront. In addition, Optidev is adding more resources to the office in the Öresund region. As part of this effort, Optidev’s service web is now available in Norwegian and Danish in addition to Swedish and English.

“Norwegian and Danish are natural language choices as we continue to increase our presence in the Nordic region,” says Fredrik Logenius. “We see a large growth potential in Norway and Denmark, and we are looking forward to offering even more language options in the future.”


Optidev Acquires Blinken eFront

Optidev AB, a Swedish innovator in ”rugged mobility solutions” that enable traceability, real-time accessibility, and data capture, has acquired the…

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