Sweden’s Best Workplace 2018

“Last year we decided to become one of the best workplaces in Sweden. Now, we are. Receiving the award “Sweden’s Best Workplace 2018“ from Great Place To Work at Circus in Stockholm is the best grade you can get. We want to thank all our amazing coworkers.”

David Landerborn, COO at Optidev, reports that this was the second year Optidev participated in the Great Place To Work survey and both times the results were very good.

The survey focuses on Optidev’s leadership and organization. It looks at the satisfaction and motivation of the coworkers. Even though Optidev scored very high in the previous survey, this year’s result still shows an improvement. In 2016, 96 percent of the coworkers agreed that Optidev was a very good place to work. This year, 100 percent agreed.

“We have actually reached 100 percent satisfaction in a number of areas, including “Would you recommend Optidev as an employer?” and that makes us very proud,” says Landerborn.

Optidev has invested a lot of time and effort to create a culture that makes coworkers feel that they can impact both their own and the company’s development. Consequently, the company’s future development is closely related to what kind of company culture you want. In a way, Great Place To Work functions like a business tool. Coworkers who are satisfied and feel involved, dare to take initiatives for improvement.

“For us, it is always the human aspect that is the most important and the business aspect is just part of the deal. We don’t think that the top-down management style and the tough work culture that some companies advocate is ever a good choice. Therefore, we will of course continue to work with Great Place To Work,” says Optidev’s CEO and partner Fredrik Logenius.


Quotes from coworkers:

“There are not many workplaces, where you long back to work, but Optidev is that kind of workplace.”

“What makes Optidev a great workplace is that anyone in the organization is empowered to influence the way forward, both for the company and the individual. At Optidev, anyone can ask for help or have a discussion with coworkers in a different department, and always be treated with respect. The the vast majority will make the extra effort to help.”

“You feel like you belong to a community at Optidev. We support each other and solve problems together. We deliver products and services that make a difference for our customers.”

“One of the strengths is that we work in teams, with both management and regular coworkers on the same team. The culture is to listen to suggestions from all coworkers.”


Great Place to Work

Great Place to Work helps organizations in all industries and any size to evaluate and develop their workplace culture. For more than 30 years, Great Place To Work has researched what makes a workplace great. The company’s models and research are based on annual studies and surveys of ten million employees from about 7,000 organizations in 50 countries.


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