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Certified hardware from leading manufacturers with 24-hours exchange service

Optidev offers a wide selection of certified mobile computing equipment from the leading manufacturers—from rugged mobile computers to consumer grade smartphones, bar code scanners, and printers. In addition, the company offers a large selection of accessories that allow you to customize the solution. Optidev delivers thousands of mobile devices every year and the company provides staging and 24-hours exchange service and other consulting services required for a successful rollout.

TrueMobile Hardware & Service is for those companies who already have a software solution and need to replace the hardware, or just need to service existing equipment.
Optidev has more than fifteen years experience from delivering and supporting mobile solutions. By using our services, you can avoid costly mistakes and get started faster. All the hardware is certified by Optidev to ensure reliable and optimal performance with Optidev’s software solutions.
Optidev offers comprehensive staging services, including program loading, configuration, and charging of batteries before the equipment is shipped to the customer. This way, the equipment is ready to use right out of the box, and the customer does not need to have technical staff on site.

24-hours exchange service

Optidev’s 24-hours exchange service makes it easy to manage large deployments with users scattered at many different locations. The service agreement can include both equipment delivered by Optidev and other suppliers. Optidev takes full responsibility for all hardware service, providing one-single point of contact for all your service needs, regardless of manufacturer or supplier.
Repair requests are quickly submitted via Optidev’s customer portal TrueMobile Service Web. This portal allows you to track the status of all your repairs and it also provides a complete inventory of all installed units and their location. As soon as a repair request has been submitted via the portal, Optidev sends a replacement within 24 hours. The new device is loaded with all the customer’s applications and settings, and the battery is fully charged so that the new device is ready for use immediately after unpacking.

TrueMobile Hardware & Service

Certified hardware provides optimal performance, security, and reliability
Broad selection of equipment for every user scenario
Optidev takes total responsibility from staging to support
Configured and fully charged units within 24 hours
One point of contact for all service issues regardless of the brand

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