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Safe and effective management of mobile devices

The steep increase of mobile device has created a large demand for mobile device management (MDM) solutions that can help mitigate the risks.
Mobile devices expose companies to an increased risk for information leaks and data breach. Mobile devices are also at greater risk for theft and they are easier to misplace than regular computers. The risks become even greater if employees use their own personal devices to connect to the corporate network (BYOD).

Optidev is a SOTI Elite Gold Partner and has years of experience from MDM and knows how to secure and manage mobile devices efficiently.

SOTI is the world’s leading developer and provider of enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions and mobile device management (MDM) solutions. SOTI’ flagship product MobiControl enables companies to remotely control, secure, and update mobile devices without physical access to the devices. It secures mobile access to the corporate network and enables your business to maintain full control over who is using your mobile devices and how they are using them.

SOTI MobiControl gives companies the power to control what programs and apps that are used on mobile devices that access the corporate network. It enables you to do updates, change settings, and deploy new functions remotely.

If a mobile device is stolen, SOTI MobiControl enables you to secure and delete the information on the device to avoid unauthorized access and that information ends up in the wrong hands.

SOTI MobiControl is a highly scalable solution and fits organizations with 20 or 100,000 devices equally well.

SOTI business advantages

Only pay for the licenses you use
Industry-leading ``enterprise mobility management`` solution
Supports 20-100,000 users
Reduce frustration among users and the need for support
Manage and protect laptops, rugged mobile computers, and smartphones with one MDM solution with support for both corporate own and personal (BYO) devices.

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