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From order to delivery with mobile IT support

TrueMobile Order & Delivery is a turnkey solution for receiving orders, distributing work orders, resource planning, and real-time reporting. It connects your field workers to mission critical information — no matter where they are.

Real-time data communication

TrueMobile Order & Delivery supports the entire business process from order and payment to delivery and follow up. The web-based system can be accessed from a PC or mobile computer and all data is updated in real-time.

Mobile work orders

Orders can be submitted via the company’s website and work orders are created and distributed to the field users via their mobile computers. The user can review and accept the new work assignment by simply tapping on the display. TrueMobile Order & Delivery enables the company to define a set of business rules that controls in what order the work orders are distributed and who receives them with significant impact on productivity and lead time.

Tracking of labor, parts and material

TrueMobile Order & Delivery allows field users to view inventory, track and bill labor, parts and materials in the mobile computer, resulting in more accurate billing and improved cash flow. The reduction of paperwork enables the field workers to spend more time with customers and reduces the risk for human errors.

GPS tracking

The data entry time is recorded and the exact GPS location can also be captured for the event (delivery, signature). It improves the visibility of your work orders, enabling more communication more efficiently with your customers and provides accurate information.

Effective and timely customer communication

TrueMobile Order & Delivery gives you tools that can improve the way you communicate and interact with your customers. Email and text alerts (SMS) enable your company to communicate with your customers more effectively. These messages can be used to inform customers about the status of a work order or to proactively inform customers about delays.

Marketing tool box

The TrueMobile Order & Delivery customer portal makes it easier to keep your customer database up to date with the ability for your customers to update their personal data by themselves. The marketing module also contains a tool kit that makes it easi to plan and distribute newsletters and campaigns to your database.

All functionality for a low fixed monthly fee

TrueMobile Order & Delivery is a module-based software solution that allows you select and only pay for the features you use. The service is cloud-based and is offered at a low, monthly fee per user. The solution is highly scalable and flexible and you can at any time upgrade and add more features or users. TrueMobile Order & Delivery supports all operating systems, including Apple iOS, Android, and Windows 10.

Why TrueMobile Order & Delivery:

Order management, resource planning, and reporting
Mobile support with real-time data
Intelligent work order routing
Bar code scanning and RFID
GPS services tracking and navigation
Real-time updates via TrueMobile Web
Marketing and communication tool box
Certified hardware
Everything included at a low monthly cost

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