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TrueMobile Voice – Efficient Logistics Enabled by Voice Control

TrueMobile Voice from Optidev leverages voice control to enable workers in a warehouse or similar to work faster while delivering higher quality. In addition, the company’s management gets access to the information in real time. TrueMobile Voice frees up both hands and eyes without requiring expensive investments in new infrastructure.

Optidev offers a complete voice solution with headset, mobile voice device attached to the worker’s belt, and a backend voice and data management system. TrueMobile Voice is designed to integrate with existing systems and equipment.

Digitalization and voice control ensure precision and accuracy in picking applications and other daily logistics processes. Voice control minimizes the risk for mistakes by reducing manual errors.

Here is an example of how TrueMobile Voice can be used:

  • The system provides the worker directions for where to go next in the warehouse.
  • Once at the right location, two-way communication enables the worker to verbally verify his or her location to get further instructions about how many units to pick.
  • The worker verbally confirms when the task is completed via the headset and the system is updated in real-time.

Everything is included for a fixed monthly fee

Optidev allows you to select the features you need and pay a fixed monthly fee per user. By paying a monthly service fee instead of purchasing the system, you avoid high start up costs and initiation fees as well as unwanted items on your balance sheet.

TrueMobile Voice includes everything you need, including headset, mobile belt device, voice control and data management software, 24-hour exchange service and support. Optidev operates and manages the system.

TrueMobile Voice is highly scalable with support for one to several hundred users and can be deployed in multiple locations and warehouses as needed.

Why TrueMobile Voice:

Two-way communication frees up both hands and eyes
Increased productivity and quality
Ergonomic user experience
Data collection with headset and bar code scanner
Real-time communication with the company’s business system
New users learn quickly with digital training
24-hours exchange service and support
Everything included at fixed monthly fee

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