The camera

The best body camera in its category. Light sensitive, durable and user friendly with up to 12 hours of filming on one charge.

The software

The accompanying software supports encrypted transmission and blurring of people’s faces to help you to comply with GDPR.

Scalable full service

The packaged solution includes everything at a fixed monthly cost per device; including camera, software, support, and 24-hour exchange service.

We use Optidev Body Worn Camera

Body camera with technical security

Improve the workplace security without the technical responsibility. Optidev Body Worn Camera is a packaged solution that covers everything from hardware and operation to GDPR-secured software and hosting. With everything included at a fixed monthly cost per camera, we can offer you a scalable, flexible, and secure solution.

The hardware is carefully selected from two different suppliers, and includes rugged and reliable cameras that deliver sharp HD-quality movies even in dark environments. Training, service, support, and 24-hour exchange service are included, allowing you to focus 100% on the field operation.

Intelligent software

The user-friendly interface helps you to process evidence quickly and safely. With a few clicks, you can automatically blur faces, voices, or objects that can in any way infringe on someone’s integrity or pose a GDPR compliance risk.

If required in a legal case, video clips can be streamed directly by police or prosecutors – accessible via a password protected one-time link with encrypted streaming and no download option. This eliminates the need to physically transport the file, and maintains the same high level of security.

Prevents threats and violence

In most situations, the body camera becomes an extra protective vest. Studies have shown that the mere presence of the camera has a calming effect in violent or threatening situations. In addition to fewer incidents, the staff will enjoy a safer and better work environment, resulting in fewer sick days and a lower staff turnover rate.

In many environments, it is also an advantage to activate the camera’s front display as it often has a calming effect on violent people to see their own upset face. We are happy to assist you with guidance on how to best use your body cameras.

Always ready

The camera’s prerecording feature, enables you to start recording after an incident and capture 60 seconds of lapsed time.

Physically configurable

Choose whether you want the front screen to be on, off, or facing away. “Hidden mode” allows you to record while the camera behaves as if it was completely turned off.

Shock resistant and delicate

The rugged casing is built to withstand tough environments. At the same time, the camera is extremely light sensitive, which enables it to produce sharp images in any environment.

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Broad range of application areas

Depending on who is carrying the camera, it will be used in different ways and for different purposes. Some of the most common users, are police and security companies that use the body camera for prevention and to collect evidence.

The body cam can also be used by traffic guards (at construction sites) or by emergency workers to record reckless driving in a construction zone or around a accident site.

Even in a healthcare environment, the body-worn camera helps reduce threats against the hospital staff and the system ensures that the patient’s integrity is never compromised.

Tailored solutions

We offer the opportunity to integrate with many different systems. For example, a Optidev Body Worn Camera, worn by a ticket inspector can sense when a fine is being issued on the mobile device and automatically starts the camera and the recording is automatically tagged with the incident number.

With a background from delivering technical solutions for the logistics industry, we are now also the first choice for several of Sweden’s leading security companies. With this expertise, we are excited to take on new challenges and we welcome the opportunity to help you solve your problems and turn ideas into action.

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