The market’s best cameras in the forward-facing screen segment which have a proven calming effect on people. Record in full HD with an illuminated screen for over 12 hours straight.

The software

The system gives you every opportunity to comply fully with GDPR with encrypted transmission, a clear indication of recording with messages on the screen and AI support to automatically obscure identities when you export your material, without the risk of infringing on someone’s privacy or violating GDPR.

Service, support and training

European support weekdays and 24-hour exchange service for all devices. Plenty of accessories in the form of mounts and training materials. We offer training for your staff, on site or at our premises, in how to handle our products and also in conflict management and how the escalation ladder can be changed by wearing a body camera.


The package solution includes cameras, cloud software, support and a 24-hour exchange service. All at a fixed monthly cost per device.

We use an Optidev Body Worn Camera

Body cameras for different professions

Body cameras can be used in many different professions provided there is a legal basis for their use. Regardless of who is to wear the camera, at Optidev we can help with risk assessments and data for your profession.

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Software for digital evidence management

DEMS 360 is our most advanced software to date for quick, risk-free digital evidence management. With a few clicks you can automatically obscure faces, voices or objects to eliminate the risk of infringing on someone’s privacy or violating GDPR.

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Accessories to make life easier

Optidev Body Worn Camera as a Service is a turnkey package solution designed so that you can give your staff security without having the technical responsibility. We can adapt the camera to meet your specific needs and supplement it with the right accessories for you.

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“Your body cameras have become a key building block in our staff’s work environment, and for us the camera’s role as a preventive factor is at least as important as pure evidence gathering.”

- Per, Head of Body Worn Camera – AVARN Security

In recent years, the company Optidev has developed the internationally successful method with body cameras for Swedish conditions, where the starting point has been that it is not the camera itself that is important but the users, the system and the process.

The Safer Sweden Foundation’s argument for awarding the Optidev Foundation’s Crime Prevention Prize in 2020
We’ll help you figure out the best way to use the body camera.

I would like to try out body cameras for my staff

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