Prevent threats and violence

In most situations, the body camera acts like extra body armour. Studies have shown that the mere presence of a camera helps to avert violent or threatening situations. In addition to fewer incidents, staff will enjoy a safer and better work environment, resulting in fewer sick days and a lower staff turnover.

In many environments, it is also an advantage to activate the camera’s front display as it often has a calming effect on violent people to see their own behaviour. We are happy to assist with guidance on how to best use your body cameras, as different configuration options are available depending on the clientele and the level of threat and violence.

The K series

The future is here

The Reveal K series is revolutionising body worn cameras. No other body worn camera offers such opportunities today or is future-proofed for the opportunities of tomorrow.

Artificial intelligence

Face Match is a brand-new feature from the K series of AI-activated cameras you can trust.

Our Face Match technology can focus on people who are missing or vulnerable and the ability to stop crime before it happens, and address the issues surrounding proactively charging repeat offenders.

Touch screen

The K series has our largest ever forward-facing screen, which also maximises transparency when recording in accordance with Article 5 of GDPR. This innovative technology has proven to de-escalate anti-social behaviour in a range of situations and protect users on both sides of the lens.


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The D series

Always ready

The camera’s prerecording feature enables you to start recording after an incident and capture up to 60 seconds of material going back in time. This means you can always include the origin and a threat or incident even if you didn’t activate the camera before the threat was made.

Can handle an entire work shift

All of the D series cameras operate for an entire shift without the need for maintenance charging. The cameras are able to continuously record and have the forward-facing screen illuminated for 12 hours.

Shock resistant and professional

The rugged housing is built to withstand hard knocks and has undergone rigorous testing. At the same time, the camera has excellent light amplification to produce sharp videos and good personal descriptions, whatever the conditions in the external work environment.

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The Calla series

Forward-facing screen

Studies show that when people can see that they are being recorded, this can help calm them down and avoid conflicts, and that’s exactly what Calla does by de-escalating situations.

Reliable recording

However, if a situation does escalate, the user can be confident that there is a complete recording of the incident showing an independent account of events. The camera does not record all of the time, only when the user considers it necessary – in line with agreed policies and legislation. This reduces disruption and provides an independent account of what happened. Users on both sides of the lens are protected.

Shock resistant and professional

The rugged white housing is designed for use in environments where soft values are important and must be maintained. At the same time, it is built to withstand hard knocks and has undergone rigorous testing.

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Varied application areas

Depending on who is wearing the body camera, it will be used in different ways and for different purposes. Here at Optidev we can assist with risk assessments and data for a number of different professions that feel the need to use a body camera both for preventive purposes and to gather evidence. We have extensive experience of GDPR legislation and can work together with your lawyers to get all the documentation in order.

Body cameras can be used in many different professions provided there is a legal basis for their use. For example, they can be used by marshals at roadworks to document traffic behaviour or by the rescue services to counteract bad behaviour by the general public near the site of an accident.

In healthcare settings, too, a body camera can reduce the threat to employees and has a calming effect, while Optidev’s system guarantees that patients’ privacy is never compromised.

Security clearance for staff at our operational departments

Optidev carries out background and security checks on its employees to achieve a Swedish security clearance at all of its operational departments so that it can deliver security services to authorities and security companies. All of our solution architects, project managers, support engineers, repair engineers, application engineers and presale engineers have a security clearance.

We work in accordance with ITIL, PM3 and Prince2, as well as XLPM.

Certified in accordance with SCAB and the security industry.

Fault reports can be made via the Optidev Service Center, where you can also view all of your mobile devices along with the case status of devices reported as faulty. The devices can be sorted by region, city or cost centre, giving you full control and secure administration of your mobile fleet, no matter where the users are located. With Optidev Exchange Service, you not only secure your operation and enjoy financial control through fixed monthly costs, you also avoid having to tie up funds by stocking back-up devices – that responsibility rests with us.

All repairs to cameras are carried out by our own staff in Sweden.

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We’ll help you figure out the best way to use the body camera.

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