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Optidev Body Worn Camera as a Service is a turnkey package solution designed so that you can give your staff security without having the technical responsibility. Reveal DEMS 360 is the most widely used evidence management solution globally and is used in over 40 countries. The rugged body camera is connected to Optidev’s own security cloud, where Reveal DEMS 360 supports all video, image, audio and document files from many different sources, not just body cameras but also visual interview recorders and ANPR cameras, etc. Videos from Reveal cameras can also be uploaded directly to DEMS 360. Options include object or face recognition. The package also includes support, service and everything you need in order to focus 100% on being in the field and delivering your own added value.

In many environments, it is also an advantage to activate the camera’s front display as it often has a calming effect on violent people to see their own behaviour. We are happy to assist with guidance on how to best use your body cameras, as different configuration options are available depending on the clientele and the level of threat and violence.

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Case management in the system makes it possible to build up user groups in line with the company organisation to enable users to collaborate on the material or share material among themselves in the system so that they can work securely with the evidence in a secure way.

User management

Equipment can be checked out using RFID or by controlling user groups and users via the Active Directory, for example.


The user-friendly interface helps you manage evidence quickly and risk-free. With a few clicks, you can obscure identities or audio that could infringe on someone’s privacy and pose a GDPR compliance risk.


Should any of your video clips need to be shared with a law enforcement agency, you can stream the material directly to the prosecutor, lawyer, police or alarm centre. The stream starts via an encrypted password-protected one-time link. Video material can be streamed directly to a mobile device or PC with a no-download option. This eliminates the need to physically transport the files while maintaining the same level of security. Naturally you choose whether you want to stream a redacted GDPR version or the original video.


The log-in process for the system gives elected officials, auditors, business controllers and union representatives their own access with full insight into how the system is used without giving access to material that is classified, in accordance with GDPR and applicable legislation.


All data is stored in Optidev’s two redundant data centres, where all of our staff from engineers to support have a security clearance. All video material is AES-encrypted from the camera all the way to the storage location. The software is compatible with the CJIS Systems Agency (CSA) regulations and the FBI CJIS Security Policy for security level and penetration testing. All materials can be programmed to be automatically deleted after various defined time periods.

Tailored solutions

We also offer the option of integrating different systems. For example, a body camera worn by a ticket inspector can detect when they issue fines in their Android app. The camera can be integrated with the software to automatically start recording and then link the video sequence to the relevant case in the control system. The same solution can, for example, be used to automatically activate recording when an assault alarm or emergency alarm sounds on another physical device.


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We’ll help you figure out the best way to use the body camera.

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