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All-inclusive IT support for travel companies

TrueMobile Travel is a turnkey solution for companies in the transportation and travel sector. The solution handles everything from route planning, reservations, and payments to ticket validation, passenger communication, and financial reporting.

24/7 availability

The TrueMobile Travel web portal offers travelers convenient, 24/7 access to travel information and bookings from a regular computer or smartphone. The ability to buy tickets online increases ticket sales while reducing the need for telephone support.

Ticketless travel

Travelers don’t need a paper ticket, but can use the reservation number or a driver’s license as a ticket. The ticket can also be delivered via a text message (SMS) or email.

Timely customer alerts

By requesting the passenger’s email and telephone number during the booking process, TrueMobile Travel enables travel companies to improve the way they communicate with travelers. Text messages (SMS) and email can be used to remind travelers about upcoming trips and to send alerts about service disruptions.

Mobile IT support

TrueMobile Travel supports the use of mobile computers that connect to the booking system. Mobile computers are used for ticket validation and provide access to passenger lists and seat reservation during the trip.

Dynamic updates

TrueMobile Travel offers dynamic updates of pricing, timetables, routes and lines, significantly reducing the work with updating the travel web site.

Marketing and promotions

The TrueMobile Travel marketing module includes a customer club and bonus system for frequent travelers that incentivize loyalty. In addition, it provides simplified management of the customer database with the ability for travels to update their own personal details and tools to create and distribute email promotions and newsletters.

Everything included for a low monthly fee

TrueMobile Travel is a module-based software solution that allows you select and only pay for the features you use. The service is cloud-based and is offered at a low, monthly fee per user. The solution is highly scalable and flexible and you can at any time upgrade and add more features or users. TrueMobile Travel supports all operating systems, including Apple iOS, Android, and Windows 10.

TrueMobile Travel Business advantages:

IT support for all your business processes
24/7 travel booking and payment via the web
Dynamic route planning
Ticket validation with mobile computer
Mobile access to reservations and passenger lists
Customer club and rewards systems
Customer email and text messages
Everything is included at a low monthly fee

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