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Data capture and real-time traceability

TrueMobile Track & Trace is a turnkey mobile solution for real-time traceability. Mobile computers help you keep track of shipments and internal logistic flows, or capture data in field service applications. TrueMobile Track & Trace increases the service quality and delivery precision with fewer errors while improving the safety of the driver.

Automation with bar codes and RFID

The use of mobile computers with capability to read bar codes and RFID tags automates data collection in the field. It removes the need for paper forms and time-consuming duel entry of information, resulting in higher productivity and less mistakes.

Mobile printing

A Bluetooth connected mobile printer allows drivers to print labels and receipts without going back to the truck or the office. Damaged goods or the delivery can be documented with the mobile computer’s camera.

Signature capture

TrueMobile Track & Trace supports signature capture on the display, providing a clear proof of delivery and transfer of responsibility. The data entry time for captured data (scanning at terminal or delivery with signature) is recorded and can be combined with a GPS location.

Real-time track and trace

Captured information about a shipment becomes immediately searchable on Optidev’s customer portal TrueMobile Web, which can also update other systems per the customer’s request.

TrueMobile Web enables you (and your customers) to search for a specific shipping number and view the status of that shipment in real-time. It improves visibility and enables you to quickly provide customers with accurate information about their shipments.

GPS services

TrueMobile Track & Trace offers GPS-based services such as GPS navigation and GPS tracking that make the drivers more efficient and help keep them safe.

All functionality for a low monthly fee

TrueMobile Track & Trace is a module-based software solution that allows you to select and only pay for the features you use. The service is cloud-based and is offered at a low, monthly fee per user. The solution is highly scalable and you can at any time add more features or users. TrueMobile Track & Trace supports all operating systems, including Apple iOS, Android, and Windows 10.

Why TrueMobile Order & Delivery:

Order management, resource planning, and reporting
Mobile support with real-time data
Intelligent work order routing
Bar code scanning and RFID
GPS services tracking and navigation
Real-time updates via TrueMobile Web
Marketing and communication tool box
Certified hardware
Everything included at a low monthly cost

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